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 Let's be honest, trading dollars for hours sucks. Even if you are creating impact while doing so. 

Why not begin leveraging your time, reaching more people, creating more success, and finally obtaining the financial freedom you've desired since day 1! 

Tana Grenda from Ketchikan, Alaska

"IFCA is totally worth it. If your on the fence, or skeptical, just do it. It's one of the best investments your ever going to make, and I made my initial investment back in the first month!"
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Here's How The Impact Fitness Coaching Academy Has
Changed Lives & Businesses...
"I've more than made back and doubled the investment in a mere 12 weeks of starting to take clients." - Hannah
"With IFCA, I have seen my business grow. I've seen a 60% increase in revenue since building a new offer." - Lacy
"I have kicked off two of my own businesses, and without Erin and Jordan and Lacey's support, I couldn't have done it" - Sonya
"There was this glass ceiling that Erin helped me see through and now I'm having $40,000 months..." - Justin
"Erin's program provided me with the opportunity to build a community that I was so in need of." - Taylor
"After IFCA I figured out my worth... I'm confident in running this business & it's something I love to do..." - Andy
"Right out of the gate, Erin & Jordan completely squashed all of my limiting beliefs ." - Danielle
"They continue to be there for us and they celebrate all of those wins along the way. It's been a huge blessing..." - Katie
"There's SO much information included in this program and having direct access to Erin is so valuable." - Megan
"I started from scratch. I have a couple of clients, and that's just in three short months" - Maggie
"I've gotten a lot of clients from it. And now my business is starting to grow more than I thought it ever would." - Megan
"It gave my business structure, and that's what I was looking for." - Trista
IF you're seeing this right now, that means there are currently spots available. Chances are, you saw this page the last time it was open. Are you really prepared to see this a third time, with even more success stories, wondering "what if?"
Let Us Take A Guess...
Do These Sound Familiar?
 You continue to compete with the Instagram algorithm and can't seem to "crack" the code...
 You've considered coaching people online, but the idea of having a "back-end system" scares the shit out of you. 
 You love your clients, but you hate the fact that when your friends get off at 5 pm, you're on your way back to the gym to train clients. 
 You lack confidence in your nutritional knowledge, and wonder if you can even create results? 
 You sell your coaching programs for $150-300 & people are hesitant about that, so you wonder how you could ever get them to pay more...
 You've created the content, written the blogs, and even told your friends and family that you are coaching, yet nobody is buying? 
 If This Is The Case, You Need A Business That Works For You (Not Against You)...
We Want To Hand You The Blueprint To
Becoming A 6-Figure Online Coach!
Hi! I’m Erin Dimond and over the last 5 years I’ve been able to build a loyal following online, help thousands of people reach their health and fitness goals and generate $500,000 in annual revenue with little to no overhead outside of just a computer and the internet and I’m here to teach you how I did it.

After years of trial and error, hours of time and thousands of dollars spent refining my coaching process, personal development and on marketing strategy…

...I've packaged together EVERY ounce of what I've learned into a program to help other coaches like YOU!

A program that helps you:
 Serve your coaching clients at a higher-level...
 Leverage your time better than in-person coaching...
 Work more "on" your business rather than "in" your business...
...and make more money while having the freedom to work from ANYWHERE.
Meet Your Coach - Jordan
Hello, my name is Jordan Dugger and I’m a full-time online fitness coach, podcast host, and business mentor.
In just two years I was able to go from escaping corporate America with 0 clients, and no income, to earning more than 20k per month coaching.
During this time I also created multiple E-Books, programs, and have been invited to speak on evidence-based coaching application in several seminars and trainings.
Through this process, I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars in mentorship, and education that I now want to pour into you.
My areas of support within IFCA will include :
 Helping you with problem clients, nutrition and training application.
 Strategizing on how to position your offer, and leveraging your strengths.
 Establishing your systems and automation - I’m a nerd when it comes to business architecture. I’ll help you outsource and automate the minutia so you can focus on creating the important stuff - client results.
 Mindset: I will MAKE SURE you stay out of your own way. 
We've Got Your Back
Hi I'm Lacy Healey
While I've been a personal trainer, running and triathlon coach for over 8 years, I didn't make the leap to online until 2017. It was only then that I truly recognized the power of being able to utilize my "power base" of people to build my business.

I had spent YEARS working 7 days a week sun up to sun down coaching and training in person. And after moving 2x in 3 years for my husband's career, I thought my days in this industry were over. Insert Online Training.

Instead of leaving all those clients behind that had trusted me, learned with me, grown with me and reached goals from 100lbs weightloss to Ironman finish lines, I found a way to still help them even if I didn't see them.

And my relationships with them, my service and commitment to them has been proven as I have now expanded my client base from just the people that know me personally to now their friends, their family, and more recently a whole group of people I don't even know.

You see, I don't have a huge social media following. But when I did IFCA in 2018, Erin and Jordan taught me how to SHOW UP and provide value to my audience. And that audience has grown and continues to grow.

I'm living breathing money making proof that you don't have to have a huge social media following to succeed online. I've managed to build a 10k+ a month business by building on what I had built in person over the years. And I've pushed the envelope and my comfort zone to learn how to DO social media in a way that fits my personality, my values, and my passion.

I am so excited about helping other coaches learn that through hard work, consistency, and heart that you can grow the business of your dreams even if it doesn't mean you have 10s of thousands of followers.

My area of expertise are:
 Utilizing the people you know to build your business
 Showing up authentically and vulnerably to build your following 
 Subscription business platforms
 How to build a business without a huge social media following
What’s up, I’m Hayden!

Through my entire working career I’ve never lasted more than a few months in corporate 9-5. Not because I was never capable but because I could never work for someone else and knew entrepreneurship the direction was for me.

Having strong interpersonal relationship skills always enable sales to be more natural for me. I started my sales career initially through door-to-door companies selling everything from solar, home security, home efficiency to pest control. While good financial opportunities are available through door-to-door sales, having doors slammed in my face, suffering through rough weather conditions and unstable living circumstances for my family push me to new directions.

This eventually led me to becoming a door-to-door sales trainer, starting my own company, and finally to online sales this past year. My previous 5 years of sales experience combined with continued education and strong interpersonal skills supported me in formulating unique sales scripts and approaches to better connect with potential clients – empowering them to “BUY” services and products rather than manipulating, convincing and “SELLING.”

Teaching others how to incorporate how to “sell without selling” has been such a rewarding new position. I am excited to continue helping coaches grow their business and income, sell without stress, and impact more lives.

Professional skills:
 Natural sales
 Interpersonal relations
 Building proper connection and rapport
 Building teams
The Impact Fitness Coaching Academy Will Help You Reach Your Business Goals ......
- Without Being "Insta-Famous"
- Without Being Half- Naked Online 
- Without Having To Compromise Your Ethics as a Trainer, and Nutrition Coach.
Sales are HARD. So instead of teaching you to sell, we teach you how to create an offer that sells itself. All you have to do is learn how to  CONNECT, and CLOSE 
You'll discover how to create content that stands out in a sea of online fitness trainers & build a raving audience...
You'll create a time-independent sales machine that doesn't require you to be a "pushy" sales person...
Are You Ready To Ethically Take Your Coaching Business
To The Next Level?
 If You Qualify For The Program, Here's How It Will Work:

You'll Get Crystal Clear On Who You WANT To Work With, and More Importantly, Who You DON'T Want To Work With. Along With Learning How To Attract These Clients. 

You'll Create A Marketing & Content Strategy That Allows You To Build A Loyal Tribe Of Followers

You'll Craft An Irresistible Offer That Attracts "Dream Clients" That Pay You What Your Worth (IE: Lot's Of Money 😜💪🏽)

You’ll Learn Everything You Need To Create Results At A HIGH Level, Leaving You In The Top 5% Of Online Coaches. 

You'll Depart Scarcity, and Enter Abundance, Finally Leaving You With The Income You Deserve, and Have Always Desired. 

 WARNING: If this page is up right now, it means that we still have open spots for you inside the program. It's FREE and takes less than 3 minutes to apply!
Here Are Some MAJOR Benefits Of The Impact Fitness Coaching Academy...
We'll work with you to help you research a specific audience and build content that attracts YOUR IDEAL CLIENTS (even if you're not comfortable in front of the camera) so that you can generate organic leads for your business.
You'll learn how to build a sales process that helps you acquire new clients at premium prices without ever being a "slimey," unethical sales person.
Financial freedom should come with time freedom. We teach you not only how to create tons of Impact, and Income, but we teach you how to "own your day". You will leave IFCA making more, serving more, but working less
Need More Proof?
 WARNING: If this page is up right now, it means that we still have open spots for you inside the program. It's FREE and takes less than 3 minutes to apply!
Upon Acceptance Into IFCA, You'll Have Access To...
Industry Leading Strategies
The Impact Fitness Coaching Academy Includes:
 Access to your coaches via email, text and one-on-one phone calls (we have an open door policy, but it is YOUR responsibility to request additional support)
 A weekly group coaching call where we will teach each module LIVE in an open format to answer any of your questions
 Homework assignments to hold you accountable and MAKE SURE that you’re putting into practice what you are being taught in order to ensure raving success within your business
 Mastermind sessions, book reviews to make sure you’re on the fast track to personal growth and teaching you to think like other thought leaders. This will be in the form of "open office hours" weekly where you'll have access to your coaches via Zoom 
 Group accountability and support from other Online Coaches which allows you to cross promote, learn, and grow 10x faster than you would alone!
 Facebook Live Trainings: Held by assitant coaches Lacy, and Hayden where we further dive into each weeks cirriculum to offer support, and answer questions.
 A team of coaches with over 4000 clients coached (combined) since 2011: There is very little in this industry that we haven't seen, dealt with, nor overcame, and we wish to help pass along this experience to our IFCA clients. 
...and much more!
IFCA Student Case Study: Laura
  • Training clients in-person, yet didn’t feel that she was making the impact she desired in their lives.
  • Not in control of her own schedule, and tied to one location (a gym).
  • ​Making $0 Online.
  • ​0 Online Clients.   
  • Crafted one clear offer.
  • She brought on a sales team to support the 300+ inquires she received when she launched her coaching offer.
  • Developed her own personalized APP for training programming, and client communication.
  • Mapped out a vision to get to 1 million dollars in annual income.
  • She wanted a job/source of income that provided her with the freedom to do the things she wanted to do (speaking in front of large groups around the world.)
  • ​Her mission is to impact as many people as possible and help them truly realize their worth.
  • Money isn’t her driving factor but freedom from her current job to touch more lives is and Online Coaching is her vehicle for that.
  • ​Supporting a full time Online business
  • ​Earned 14x her initial investement in the first month of launching her offer
  • Free from trading dollars for hours.
  • Managing a team that includes on-boarding and sales experts and an assistant coach.
  • ​Working with her ideal client and people who she can help the most.
IFCA Student Case Study: Tana
  • Had a few in-person clients, and had just started in the online space.
  • Had no idea how to run a business, or to market herself.
  • ​Lacked confidence in herself as a coach, and the ability to create lasting results.
  • ​Felt lost in terms of efficient systems, and processes.    
  • First month in IFCA she tripled her income, after only the first 3 modules.
  • ​Learned about systems and processes to allow her to have more time to work ON her business rather than IN her business.
  • ​She learned that the only person holding her back was her, and how to truly get out of her own way, and to put her skills to use changing lives.
  • Tana is a mom of 5 foster children, and her biggest drive was to eliminate her in-person training schedule to spend more time with her family. She was skeptical at first, but knew that massive action, and to declare was her only hope.
  • Wanted to gain confidence in her ability as a trainer, and to understand how to create automated framework, pricing structure, email marketing, and to leverage her YouTube audience.
  • Currently maintaining a full time income online training, with 25 clients.
  • Went from 2-3k per month, to 9k per month in her online business, and growing.
  • Feels confident in the approach, and protocols she uses with her clients to drive results.
  • ​She has her life back, and more time to spend with her family, and chasing her passion in the fitness industry without trading time, for money.
If You're Ready To Radically Change Your Business,
Here's What To Do Now...
 APPLY NOW by clicking the button below
 Answer a few basic questions to let us get to know you better
 If your application is approved, we will contact you to schedule a phone interview between you and a coach on our team
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 WARNING: If this page is up right now, it means that we still have open spots for you inside the program. It's FREE and takes less than 3 minutes to apply!
Frequently Asked Questions
 What if I have no experience coaching, or personal training (online, or in person). 
No problem! As long as we feel like you have the potential, right motivating factors, and mindset required, you will be approved. In our program we’re going to cover not only how to get established, and build your business, but also the essentials you will need in order to be an effective coach. Including nutrition, training, supplementation, building programs, and resources you can utilize to further your education! 
 Where does the program take place? 
Everything is online - no travel required! You’ll have lifetime access as well to the Facebook group to further help each other grow, and continue learning! 
 How is this different than other courses? 
We're glad you asked! 

Most "programs" are just that... "programs." 

They are mostly pre-recorded and they aren't coaching academies. In this, we are going to work hand in hand to ensure results. 

This is not a "course", this is a "coaching program". At the core Jordan and Erin are coaches and love to build and support future coaches in this industry. 

This is NOT a cookie cutter program, we are here to walk with you through your journey to ensure you have success. 

In fact, we have also brought in a full time assistant coach who specializes in building a community, and membership platform, along with a dedicated sales coach to guide you through your closing processes, and to teach you how to connect with your unique personality. 

This is the only program that gives you complete access to everything you need to make a massive impact. 

In IFCA, we want our students to thrive not only in their ability to attract and sign clients, but also be effective in their ability to change lives! The majority of programs which offer marketing alone run anywhere from $15,000 - $25,000, where you will receive all of this for a fraction of the cost! 

Also, many other programs provide pre-recorded modules, where we will be teaching weekly modules live, with the ability to ask questions pertaining to your specific business. Not to mention1-1 calls, and facebook live Q&A’s!
 How much time do I need to commit?  
There will be weekly calls that will last around 60-90 minutes. You’ll also be required to complete “homework” assignments. Outside of these commitments you can invest as little or as much time as you want into your business it just depends on how quickly you want it to grow.
 What will I learn? 
We don’t want to waste any time. We will begin with designing framework of your business to allow you to begin capturing leads, and converting them into paying clients.

 • Designing the framework of your business. Defining and marketing within your specific niche, theme and mission
 • CRM overview for managing your clients, following up on leads, tracking statistics and making sales
 • How to price your services and make sales. Teaching the 3 things that someone needs in order to pull the trigger on purchasing your product/service.
 • Having different tiers of products and how to funnel towards each product or service.

Instagram 101
 • How to stand out on IG and work the algorithm, drive engagement, and build a strong following.
 • How to read analytics and identify which posts will make it past only 10%
 • Content batching and scheduling strategy
 • Using Instagram stories to get clients
Learn how to use live video, and paid target ads to create organic traffic, and grow your Facebook audience fast!

 • Business 101-
 • Outsourcing
 • Email Marketing Tools and Tricks
 • Learn how to grow an email list
 • Time management and useful tools for your business
 • Phone call scheduling, signing documents, instagram resources, program agreements, collecting payment, etc.

 • Nutrition 101
 • Calories/macros
 • Energy Balance and how to calculate starting macros
 • How the Metabolism works
 • How, and when to make adjustments
 • How to deal with plateaus in progress
 • Dieting strategies
 • Reverse vs. Recovery dieting
 • Supplements
 • Social situations: drinking, eating out.
 • Training Overview
 • Programming
 • Tools and Apps for creating programs
 • Guest expert: Metabolic Health & Stress Management for Clients 
 Who is right for IFCA? 
Those who want to make an impact and change lives through fitness. Those who want freedom and flexibility in a career doing something that they love and are passionate about but they just don’t know how to start.
 Who is not right for IFCA? 
Those who are looking for a get rich quick gig. Those who have zero knowledge about nutrition and fitness.
 Can my partner and I take IFCA together?
Yes! We do offer a couple’s/partner discount if you go through the program together.
 WARNING: This page could shut down any minute. You can either click 'Apply' or continue to wonder "what if"..... 
At the Impact Fitness Coaching Academy, we always back our program with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Here’s how it works:

Participate in up to the first two IFCA Modules from the start of the live program. If you no longer feel that IFCA is right for you, send us an email.

We’ll ask for your completed coursework to make sure you gave it a go, and ask what didn’t work for you so we can learn and improve. Once we receive your completed coursework, you’ll get a swift and complete refund.

Do pay attention to dates. We make the refund deadline extremely clear to everyone who signs up.

The deadline exists because, if you sign up for IFCA, we want you to get started. We pour enormous human effort into this program and we want to devote that effort to students who are committed. If you don’t plan on starting right away, make sure this is the right investment for you as the refund period does have a firm deadline.

If you do the IFCA work and don’t get the value, submit your completed homework within the first two Module weeks, and get a full and complete refund. Simple as that.
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